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About Amastouchwhenever Jewellery Brand


Our blue and pink packagings embody the contemporary sophistication that abound Amastouchwhenever jewellery Brand, where principles of life are given a physical touch of reality. Our jewellery Brand is creating a name for itself in creating pieces that are enduring statements and principles. For those moments of choices, decision making and special life´s moves, there is a whole array of scintillating principle jewellery that helps you navigate through them with a different feel, not just only from your mind and heart but also through touching, seeing and physically feeling your life´s guiding principles.

Amastouchwhenever´s jewellery assortments, collections and designs are true life´s guiding principles that so many people choose to live with or without. The ¨Always do¨ and  ¨Never do¨  make up people´s guiding principles.


In Amastouchwhenever, our vast and extensive knowledge, study and research gives us the confidence to continue currating jewellery design pieces with knowledge on how especially women feel about life´s moments. Moments of lightness and moments of baggage in life. Amastouchwhenever is here to walk through these moments with them so that they do not only have to keep the principle in mind or heart but also be able to wear, feel and touch it, which makes it awhole lot comforting.


Our choice of materials and production processs are carefully thought of with consideration on product and environmental sustainability and protection . To avoid skin irritations, we use hypoallergenic materials and the production method of Gold filling as opposed to gold plating.Those are the best two ways of jewellery considerations for protecting every type of skin especially the sensitive skin. Our metals include Gold, silver ,stainless Steel, platinum and other lead free jewellery metals. To know about each item or product design, read through the product description section of the design where you will know about the details of the materials used and measurements.


In Amastouchwhenever, our originality is one of our sophisticated TOUCHES. We keep the designs timeless so they can accomppany you on daily basis anywhere WHENEVER.

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