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Amastouchwhenever Embracing Self Empowerment Earrings Silver Colour

Wear the earrings as a woman of dignity, purity and clarity who is out to empower, grow and develop for a positive impact
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From the Self Empowerment collection come these chain earrings, a symbol of a strong femenine woman carrying the principle of self empowerment with elegance and self control. The earrings come for the women who courteously say what she wants to say without actually speaking. The woman who carries herself with dignity and is out to empower, grow and develop herself and leave a footprint of positive impact and change for her and her surroundings.

The Amastouchwhenever Embracing Selfempowerment chain earrings from the collection is for the aspirational woman who is out to make a change in her life and the life of others. The Silver colour reflects her purity and clarity.

The earrings come with a removal closure making them wearable with or without the charm figure to attribute to every ocassion, moment or feel.


Colour - Silver

Material - Stainless Steel

Method- High Polish

Total height - About 60mm

Charm- Stainless steel with cubic zirconia eyes

Weight- About 0.02kg

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